photosKids with juvenile arthritis need your help.

School can be very difficult for a child suffering with juvenile arthritis (JA). They’re not able to take part in school activities, sit on the floor or play with their friends because of terrible pain.

Because arthritis doesn’t always have visible symptoms, teachers often think the child is ‘putting it on’ as a way to get out of school activities or seeking attention.

Emma was diagnosed with JA when she was 14 years old.

‘When my symptoms first started I had so much pain in my joints that I couldn’t walk very well. This wasn’t taken seriously by my teachers and friends. No effort was made to see if I needed extra support like comfortable seating. I had to sit on the floor or stand for long periods of time during assemblies’.

Emma received little to no support from her teachers. It was assumed she didn’t take part in activities because she ‘didn’t want to’. But in actual fact it was just too difficult and painful.

JA affects over 2,500 children in Australian primary schools yet no dedicated resource or information exists to help teachers and families work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for these children.

Your donation today can help educate schools and teachers about juvenile arthritis so that kids with arthritis are treated with dignity and don’t suffer needlessly.

Please donate today.

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