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MSK, in collaboration with Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association and the University of Sydney has received a grant from Sport Australia for the ‘Active Neighbourhoods for Older Australians’ project.

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Musculoskeletal Australia, in collaboration with the Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association (ANHCA) and the University of Sydney, has received a grant from Sport Australia’s ‘Move it AUS – Better Ageing’ initiative for the ‘Active Neighbourhoods for Older Australians’ project. Only 27 projects were funded from over 250 applications!

The ‘Active Neighbourhoods for Older Australians’ project will aim to:

  1. enhance older people’s understanding of the benefits of regular physical activity (PA);
  2. improve access to physical activity amongst older people (especially those who are socially isolated and disadvantaged and currently not engaged in PA) through neighbourhood houses providing more age-appropriate PA opportunities;
  3. enable PA to be a regular component of the participants’ lives;
  4. support older people’s engagement in PA at neighbourhood houses by developing peer support program; and
  5. improve the knowledge and skills of neighbourhood houses’ staff and volunteers involved in planning and delivering age-appropriate PA activities to older people.

The ‘Active Neighbourhoods for Older Australians’ project will support the expansion of PA programs for older people in all neighbourhood houses across Australia through capacity building, partnership development, awareness raising, and activation of peer support for program participants.

Rationale for the project

Australians are living longer than ever before with the number of Australians aged 65 years and over expected to double in the next 40 years. To make the most of the opportunities a longer life provides, Australians need to prepare early to be healthy, independent, connected and safe. There is substantial evidence that physical activity, including structured exercise and sport participation, can contribute to improving a person’s physical and mental wellbeing, and facilitate social connectedness.

Exciting funding opportunity

Supplementing the components of the project that will be available to all neighbourhood houses, targeted program development will be undertaken with approximately 60 houses around Australia to support the development and promotion of new or expanded PA programs for people aged 65 years and over.

The funding round opens on Monday 8 April 2019 and closes on Sunday 12 May 2019 at midnight (AEST). All applicants must be a neighbourhood or community House or learning centre. They must be a current member of the state peak body of neighbourhood houses that is a member of Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association (ANHCA).

You must carefully read the Funding Applicant Guidelines before applying for a grant.

To apply, you must submit an online application form via Smarty grants.

Please ensure that all the information is submitted with your application, as we cannot accept late applications.

If you have any questions regarding an application, please call (03) 9602 1228 or email

Media launch

The ‘Active Neighbourhoods for Older Australians’ and Musculoskeletal Australia received strong media coverage when launched by Sport Australia on Thursday 21 March 2019. The item appeared on both the 4pm and 6pm bulletins of the ‘Channel 9 National News’ that evening.

View the footage.

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